What items cannot be taken by the mover?
Movers cannot transport any dangerous goods, firearms, or items infested with bedbugs. Dangerous goods include anything flammable or explosive, propane tanks, batteries, or corrosive chemicals. To see a complete list of dangerous goods that we cannot take, go to the Moving Guide page in this website.
What should I do about plants and pets?
We recommend that you move these yourself, if possible. Live plants should be loaded last and off first, especially during the winter months. These will survive much better if you can put them in a heated vehicle. Pets should be in cages and they can ride in the truck. If you don’t have cages they can ride with the load at your risk.
What if I need storage?
Popeye’s Movers can take your belongings to the storage facility of your choice, we do have some limited storage space available – Call for availability. Check storage facilities in the Yellow Pages for the facility that would best suit your needs, as you will be dealing with them directly.
What is not covered by the movers insurance?
Items in boxes that were packed by the customer are not covered, as we can’t know what condition they were in when packed. The mover is only responsible for any electronic item that does not function after the move, if there is clear evidence that the item was dropped or mishandled during the move, and the deductible is payable by the customer.The customer has 3 days after the move to file an initial claim against the mover. The customer is legally responsible to pay for the move, even when claiming damages.
Can I get insurance for my move?
There is a deductible on all moves, which is 25% of the claim, payable by the customer. Any items that cost $1000.00 or over must be covered by the customer’s own insurance policy. If something is broken at the fault of our movers, and is worth $100 or less, this would be covered by the movers with no deductible at all. You should check your home owners/content insurance policy as some policies cover property in transit. If your property is very valuable, consider purchasing short-term insurance that covers the move. There is $50,000 worth of cargo insurance on the vehicle, which means if the vehicle is in an accident, fire, or is stolen, it is covered.
What about my fragile and delicate objects?
We recommend that you move anything fragile or valuable in your car. We are not responsible for any items in boxes that you have packed, as we don’t know what condition it was in when packed. Extra blankets and all precautions are taken in moving delicate furniture. We can also shrink wrap any piece you want, for $10 per piece. We recommend leather and mattresses be shrink wrapped.
Can Popeyes move all my appliances?
We can move washers, dryers, refrigerators and dishwashers. We can disconnect hoses and reconnect them. We cannot do plumbing to the ice maker unless its has a shut-off value and disconnect joint that we can access. *If you have a front-loading washer, it must be secured before moving with a locking device that you should have received when the washer was purchased.
When is the best time to move?
Mid-month is better than end of month, as there are usually more time slots available then. Choose a day when you can take the whole day off from work or other responsibilities. Book an earlier time slot if you have a big move, in case of any delays (e.g. storms, traffic issues, etc.) If you are the first move of the day, say 9 AM, this can be very accurate. For any moves after this, we will always tell the customer that it is “give or take” 1 hour, as we cannot be sure of how long the first move will actually take.
What will my move cost?
The cost of the move depends on how many hours it takes. It is most accurate and fair to have an hourly rate. If you decide to take fewer things, or provide help to speed up the move, then you save money. If you need extra things done, such as taking apart a bed or treadmill, putting the bed together at the new place etc., that will take more time and add to the cost. Factors that affect how long a move takes include how prepared you are, whether there is an elevator, how many flights of stairs there are, time of day (eg. rush hour) and how far away the movers have to park.
How will my furniture be protected from damage?
Every moving truck at Popeyes has lots of moving pads to protect your furniture, so everything gets wrapped up properly before we put it away in the truck. We can shrink wrap leather couches, nice mattresses, armchairs, etc. if wanted.
How long will my move take?
That depends on several things. It’s best to phone Mark at 204-781-4100 to go over your move in detail. Give him an idea of how much furniture & other items there is to move, how many stairs to climb, and so on, so he can estimate length of time.

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